About Us

union savings cupe 2268 non profitOur role in the schools in Saskatchewan is vital to the health of young people. Our schools are the heart of the community. Our schools are an important tie that binds our communities together. It is the "performing arts centre" that provides the "stage" for our kids' concerts and pageants. It is the "town hall" for bingos, weddings and reception. It is also the fitness centre for indoor games and recreation. Sometimes we take our schools for granted. We shouldn't. Our schools are a vital part of our community.

Our work, makes our schools work

Our day begins before the kids are out of bed. We are unlocking the doors, warming up the buses, shoveling the walks and checking the boilers. Preparing the schools for students is part of our work day. When the school bell rings, we are there. Answering calls from parents with sick children and the public.

  • Assisting teachers in the classroom.
  • Working one-on-one with special needs students.
  • Helping to maintain the library.
  • Lending a hand with outdoor activities.
  • Organizing school lunch programs.
  • Maintaining school records and typing report cards and exams.
  • Co-coordinating community events in the school.
  • Providing installation and technical support of computer hardware, software, telephone, network and Audio Visual Equipment in our schools.